At Storm Operations of America we provide full accounting support for our partner companies. This includes billing and customer receivables. We provide support staff to organize and issue warranty information. We stay on standby for all customer inquiries.

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With a reputation for fast response, Storm Operations Of America will quickly dispatch teams of roofing, siding and guttering experts to help enable small local roofing contractors to handle a major storm.

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Storm Operations supports our partners with a wide range of customer services benefits. We provide assistance in planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading, and much more.

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Fast, Faster, Fastest!

At Storm Operations, we believe that when a major storm disrupts a community, fast action is required. SOA has partnered with CertainTeed to get building materials faster than any of our competitors. It’s our goal to complete the fastest repairs, restoring peace to homes in devastated areas. Storm restoration Specialist in 2016

Storm Operations Voted #1 Contracting Firm

In a recent survey, Storm Operations was named “The Best in Texas- Contracting Firm” Storm Operations prides itself on working with local roofing contractors who can perform quality work quickly, and in exchange Storm Operations provides the manpower and materials that local companies need to be able to repair a community. They can’t do it, […]